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Why Our Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning is the Best

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Our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Process and Oscillating Pad utilizes cotton bonnets, which are used with a specially designed rotary machine. The oscillating floor machine and cotton pads do a deeper cleaning of the carpets, especially in the residential settings. These pads also remove more soil than standard water extraction as the process lifts the dirt to the surface, as opposed to driving it deeper into the carpet fibers, then relying on suction to pull it back up.

How our Carpet Cleaning works

Heaven’s Best begins by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet with an industrial strength vacuum, we then spray a proprietary product designed to penetrate the carpet fibers on the carpet, with this process your carpet only gets wet to the carpet back…nothing deeper. We then use our oscillating floor machine, with specially designed cotton bonnets to gently scrub your carpets fibers from the bottom up. These cotton pads pick up soil trapped in the carpet fibers.  We use as many pads needed to complete a thorough deep cleaning and restoration of your carpet. Then the carpet is racked, which is part of the grooming and carpet pile restoration.  After approximately an hour, the carpet is dry and ready to use.  The pads we use are commercially cleaned and re-used to lessen our impact on the environment.

Our Carpet Cleaning Solution

Heavens Best carpet Cleaning - eco friendly, non toxic carpet stain remover - Portland Oregon OR
Heaven’s Best proprietary cleaning solution releases the soil, grease, and other debris from the carpet, the cotton bonnets pick up the soil. The oscillation action wipes and polishes the carpets fibers, going deep into the carpet pile to remove debris and stains trapped deep down. The agitation caused by the oscillation aids greatly in removing carpet spots and/or stains.  The oscillation also vibrates to the carpet surface trapped soil and debris that has been held down in the carpet pile by the matting of the fibers. The grooming and vacuuming afterward picks up the particulates that may have been vibrated to the surface out of matted carpet like dirt, sand, grit, and pet hair, this final process also grooms the carpets fibers to stand up like new.

Advantages to the Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning process

  • Quick drying time, carpets are dry in about an hour letting you get back to your daily routine quicker.  Other carpet cleaning methods can leave your carpet and carpet pad wet for 24 hours or longer.
  • Safe cleaning solutions.  Our proprietary carpet cleaning solution is non-toxic, safe for children and pets, safe for the environment and leaves no residue behind.
  • Carpets stay clean longer with our low moisture cleaning process.  Because the carpet is deep cleaned by the oscillating process, more dirt and debris are removed, leaving your carpets cleaner for longer.
  • No carpet stain wick-backs.  Because we don’t get your carpet pad wet, stains below your carpets backing do not return.  Other carpet cleaners get your carpets pad wet, which can cause the carpet fibers to pull the stain from the pad back to the carpet surface.
  • No house doors need to be left open.  Our carpet cleaning equipment is portable, no hoses or water source needed.  Because of this we can clean carpets in areas where many other carpet cleaners can’t get: High Rises, Boat Houses, Condo’s, Apartments and many others.
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Our “Quick Dry” Carpet Cleaning Process in Portland Oregon

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