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When it comes to Oriental rugs and area rugs, it is best to leave it to the professionals. These unique rugs need specialized carpet cleaning, and require careful attention to detail. They cannot to be cleaned with normal methods, especially if they are vintage or made of rare fibers. It’s very easy to cause permanent damage to these fragile rugs, if conventional methods or stronger carpet cleaner is used.

Regular Cleaning for Area Rugs

These kinds of rugs can harbor large amounts of dirt and other grimy substances. Having your Oriental or area rug professionally cleaned is a low-cost, economical way to extend the life of your rug, and it’s recommended to have regularly scheduled cleaning in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Heaven’s Best has worked hard to develop our own in-house method of cleaning these delicate rugs.

Here is what our specialized area carpet cleaning process looks like: 

  1. Our on-site operator begins with an initial inspection to determine the right amount of product to use.
  2. We employ special shampoo to loosen and coax the dirt and other substances from the roots of the carpet.
  3. We then thoroughly rinse the rug.
  4. We follow up with a gentle combing of the rug to remove the last patches of dirt.
  5. We complete the job with a final inspection to ensure that your rug has been cleaned properly and to your satisfaction.

Professional Area Rug Carpet Cleaning

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning has your needs in mind when it comes to cleaning your area rug. All of our work is done in the convenience of your home–no need to take your rug off to a factory to be cleaned. We handle the job in-home without disrupting your family. Our area rug cleaners take a gentle, effective approach to cleaning, and all of our work is performed with high-quality results. Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning employees are trained to know the different effects that soil and stains have on rugs, which means we can tailor our cleaning process in a way that best suits your specific rug, whether it’s a wool area rug or made of a different material.

Specialized Area Rug Cleaners

Here at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, we understand that your Oriental or area rug is a treasured and valuable element of your home, and that it may hold special meaning for you. Our area rug cleaning service utilizes a thorough and deliberate process that leaves your area rug looking like new again. We make sure that the job is done right the first time, with no silly damages from the mishandling of delicate fibers. By using a specifically designed area rug cleaners, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning takes the headache out of getting your area rug cleaned. Our competitive carpet cleaning prices and professionalism make us an easy choice when it comes to looking for the right carpet cleaning company. If you need your home’s other carpeting cleaned, check out our other carpet cleaning services!

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