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Houseboats, yachts, and all boats in general have some pretty unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. Besides for seasonal requirements for getting a boat ship-shape, you also have to handle long-term maintenance like floor, upholstery, and carpet cleaning.

Small spaces can make floor cleaning a real chore, and can take up a huge amount of time. You can’t really afford to avoid cleaning, either. Boats take on a lot of grime, being in contact with everything from salt water to fish scales. Let Heaven’s Best help!

We use a completely self-contained cleaning system, so we’re able to come to you! No complicated hook-ups, dangling hoses, or large trucks necessary! We clean carpets on house boats, marinas, and many other places that traditional carpet cleaners can’t reach. Our low moisture carpet cleaning process is a perfect match for houseboats and marina communities, and we also clean wood floors and upholstery!

Our Boat Floor Cleaning is Gentle

Boat carpeting is typically tacked on with glue, which can make carpet cleaning difficult. Traditional carpet cleaning requires soaking the carpets, which can lift the carpet from the glue itself. Once your carpet is lifted from the underlying structure, you’ll have a hard time keeping it in good shape!

Our carpet cleaning is made for glue-backed carpets. Because our process is low moisture, your carpets will never be soaked, preventing the glue disintegration and keeping your carpeting intact. The floor cleaning specialists at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning rid your houseboat or boat of stains and odors quickly and efficiently, returning your floors to their natural, vibrant state. Best of all, our signature cleaners are pet, child, and earth-friendly! 

Houseboat Carpet Cleaning Processportland carpet cleaning

Heaven’s Best’s Dry-In-One-Hour carpet cleaning removes soil and stains in your boat that other cleaners leave behind.

  1. We dry-vacuum the carpet to remove any loose dirt.
  2. We use our self-contained carpet cleaners to apply our cleaning solution to the carpet, deep-cleaning any dirt, odors, or stains.
  3. We use absorbent pads to lift away additional dirt, stains, and odors.
  4. In the final step of the process, we groom the carpet fibers to ensure your carpet looks as good as possible.
  5. Your carpet will be fresh, dry, and ready to go in an hour!

​You will LOVE the feel of your clean carpet under your feet, and you’ll have piece of mind knowing that the dirt is gone and your houseboat carpets are clean and healthy again. Our carpet cleaning process is unique, proven, and 100% guaranteed!

Hardwood Cleaning for Boats

buffed wood floor

Wood floors need to be professionally cleaned and conditioned to help them maintain their look, luster and life. ​Boats need this even more than homes!

Boats are wet. It may seem like a obvious statement, but the effect water can have on your hardwood can be significant. Reconditioning your wood floors is the best way to ensure that your hardwood boat floors continue to last–despite the lakes or oceans you cross!

Boat Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery on yachts and houseboats can see a lot of usage, especially during summer. Let Heaven’s Best give new life to your boat upholstery! Our exclusive, award-winning cleaning solution gently restores your furniture back to beautiful. You’ll also be amazed at how quickly your upholstery dries (fabric type can affect drying time).

Your boat’s upholstery will last longer when it’s regularly maintained and professionally cleaned by Heaven’s Best. Our patented upholstery cleaning solution works to renew and restore your favorite bench or captain’s chair!

Professional Deep-Cleaning for Houseboats and Yachts

Our proven method for deep-cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery is so good, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with your boat all over again! The process Heaven’s Best uses to deep-clean your carpet is the most efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way to clean your carpets. We don’t soak your carpets and pads, we don’t push dirt and grime back down into the carpet backing, and our carpet cleaning process is safe and earth-friendly. We don’t even have to dump tainted water! And because we have used far less water, the glue keeping your carpet beautiful and woven will continue to stay intact.

Here at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery, we believe that having a clean boat should be simple. Our staff of carpet cleaning specialists has the expertise and professionalism to keep your home or boat fresh, clean, and safe for all of your loved ones. Call (503) 505-3565 to schedule your carpet deep-cleaning today!


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