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Any pet comes with its own unique scent- and its own unique set of odors! No matter how well you clean your home, your beloved pet may be the reason for that subtle odor grabbing at your nose. This among other things left behind by your pet, such as hair and dirt, can easily settle into your carpet. If any of these are left untreated for too long, they can take a lot of work to fix. Carpets hold onto enough, don’t let odors left behind by your pet become another addition to your flooring! We utilize low-moisture carpet cleaning techniques that keep the drying time to a minimum. Heaven’s Best Carper Cleaning has all of the tools necessary to keep your home smelling fresh. The equipment we use is small, portable, and does not need hoses or a water source to operate. Therefore, we can clean almost any place with ease- including high rises, condos, and boat houses. Our great customer service coupled with professionalism will ensure your experience with our company to be one that will keep you coming back for all of your carpet cleaning needs.

Pet Carpet Stain Removal

Pets leave behind lots of stains as they grow up and live in your home. The most common is urine. This can stain carpet and other flooring. If left alone for too long, urine can leave lasting damages, as well as give off offensive and unpleasant odors. Urine can easily soak into any type of flooring, making it increasingly difficult to remove. It travels through the fibers of carpeting and contaminates the backing of the carpet as well as the flooring underneath. The floor cleaning specialists at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning can quickly and easily rid your home of stains and odors. Our methods will return your carpet to its natural, vibrant state. We employ 100% self-contained carpet cleaner that causes little to no disruption. We won’t have any hoses running through your home, or leave any outside doors open to “air out”. Only the deep-cleaned carpet will be left upon completion of the job. Our specially prepared cleaning solutions are pet, child, and earth friendly. Your carpet will be dry and back to normal in only one hour!

Our Pet Stain & Odor Removal Process

When approaching the carpet for cleaning, we first dry vacuum the carpet to remove the loose dirt. Next, our cleaning solution plunges into the carpet fibers and gently loosens soil and stains. Then, our buffer uses absorbent pads to gently lift away soil, moisture, and stains away from the carpet. Lastly, we groom the carpet fibers to look and feel new. This process uses a safe, mild, non-toxic, patented solution that leaves your carpet in tip top shape. The drying process is completed in about an hour- not hours or days like some other methods that can be used.

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