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Unbeatable carpet & upholstery protection

The carpet is an essential part of your home. It represents a subtle cleanliness of your house, but if it is riddled with stains, it can be an unpleasant sight. The best way to protect your carpet from stains and messes is to give it ScotchGard protection. Whether you just had new carpeting installed, or you want to keep your current carpet around longer, ScotchGard is the perfect tool to protecting your carpet and prolonging its life. The constant traffic of you, your children, and your pets put a lot of wear and tear on your carpet, but ScotchGard protects by providing a stain repellent and water repellent barrier.

How ScotchGard Carpet & Upholstery protectant works

Carpets come from the factory, pre-coated with protecting agents that keep your carpet from acquiring stains. Over time, these agents wear off and leave your carpet vulnerable. ScotchGard protection spray will return your carpet to its protected state. ScotchGard protection works best when it is reapplied on a regular basis. We recommend that you have it applied after a carpet cleaning service. ScotchGard works by creating an invisible barrier between the fibers of your carpet which repels mud, dirt, stains, and liquids. This allows for a quick and easy cleanup, which will help your carpet to avoid permanent stains and prolong its life.

The History of ScotchGuard Protectant

ScotchGard was accidentally created in 1956 when scientist Patsy Sherman was trying to create a rubber material that could reduce deterioration from jet aircraft fuels. Her lab assistant accidentally spilled an experimental compound onto her shoe. When the substance couldn’t be removed with soap, alcohol, or other solvents, Sherman was intrigued. Sherman and fellow scientist Sam Smith then worked to perfect the compound and make it into a fluorochemical polymer that could repel oil and water from fabrics. ScotchGard can be used on many different surfaces including canvas shoes, tents, coats, umbrellas, child car seats, tile flooring of kitchen and bathrooms. It protects from all kinds of messes like mud and dirt- making these surfaces last longer! We provide our customers with a timely, low-cost protection service. Together we will keep your carpet vibrant and healthy.

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