Wet Carpet Cleaning versus Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture or Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning, which is best?

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Many people wonder which carpet cleaning technique better – hot water extraction carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning. Proponents of hot water extraction carpet cleaning, sometimes referred to as steam carpet cleaning cleaning, argue that low moisture carpet cleaning techniques do not deliver a deep enough cleaning. While low moisture carpet cleaning, also known as dry carpet cleaning, proponents would counter that steam cleaning techniques use too much water, which results in unnecessarily saturated carpeting which can cause mold and other issues.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning & Steam Carpet Cleaning

One big issue with hot water extraction carpet cleaning is that the carpets are still dirty. If the goal is to remove the dirt from the carpet, how could it be successful when the technique results in completely saturated carpets? Research has shown that water extraction carpet cleaning / steam carpet cleaning techniques result in dirty water residue being left behind in the carpeting. In order for hot water extraction to truly be an effective carpet cleaning method, the carpet would need to be rinsed numerous times to ensure no dirty water is left behind which by accounts of some industry experts can be as much as 60% left behind. This left over dirty water has been known to cause odor, mold, and mildew.

Carpet Stains Reappear?

Many people report that carpet stains tend to reappear after the carpets are completely dry. This makes sense since the carpets are not thoroughly cleaned to begin with as they are left soaking in dirty water when the cleaning is complete. Furthermore, water extraction carpet cleaning by it’s very nature forces water into the carpet fibers, mesh, and padding taking debris and set in stains deeper into the carpet fibers and padding. This process has been shown to deteriorate the life expectancy of carpet, and in cases of stains, since much of the staining material is forced down further into the carpet and padding, a process of “stain re-wicking” can and often occurs.  It’s this re-wicking process that allows stains that once appear removed to come back over time.  This process of re-wicking is likened to  an old-time oil lamp where the wick sucks the fuel to the top to enable it to be lit.  With carpets, as they try and dry over the course of days or even weeks depending on how much water is left in the carpet and pad, the water draws these stains out, which causes the stains to reappear days or weeks after the cleaning.

In addition to not providing a thorough carpet cleaning, hot water extraction is also inconvenient. Steam carpet cleaning leaves carpets completely soaked often requiring a day or longer to dry. People should not have to leave their homes for an entire day just to have their carpets cleaned.

Furthermore, hot water extraction cleaning is not good for the environment. The equipment used for this cleaning technique is costly, and requires a great deal of water, fuel, and energy to operate. The dirty water retrieved from each carpet cleaning must be disposed of in designated areas to not pollute the municipal water supply.

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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low moisture carpet cleaning is a relatively newer process, especially when compared to how long water extraction carpet cleaning has been around.  Low moisture carpet cleaning like the process we use here at Heaven’s Best utilizes several steps to clean your carpet.  First we conduct a through vacuuming with an industrial vacuum system to loosen any high level debris.  During the second stage of our process, your carpet will be lightly misted with hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant. This cleaner will be allowed to set on your carpet for a few minutes to go to work breaking up any normal use stains.  For any heavier stains we will apply a special formulated cleaner and may use a little elbow grease to make sure this cleaner is working to break the stain up.  Third your Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning operator will use an orbital carpet cleaning machine outfitted with special cotton carpet cleaning pads.  These pads when used in conjunction with our orbital cleaner are designed to gently scrub carpet fibers from the base of your carpet up.  Your Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning operator will make several passes over your carpet in different directions to ensure carpet fibers are cleaned from multiple directions.  Lastly your Heaven’s Best operator will “rake” your carpet with a stiff carpet rake to lift the carpet fibers back into an upright position. If you have high traffic areas where your carpet has become matted down, this process can help restore the look and feel of the carpet pile in these areas.

Carpet Cleaning That’s So Clean You Can Feel and Smell It

It’s not unusual for our customers to remark how clean their house smells after a good carpet cleaning by us.  After all, we’ve removed much of the grime, dirt, and other pollutants from the carpet, not made it look cleaner by pushing it further into the carpet (think about how a wet dog smells).  Also, since the carpet is dry in about an hour, no need to leave your doors or windows open, and out cleaning unit is self contained, so no wet, dirty hoses drug around your home.

This process of cleaning carpet fibers from the base up, combined with use of highly absorbent carpet cleaning pads allows Heaven’s Best to make promises like: Your carpet will be dry in about an hour, and if we get the stain out, we guarantee it will stay out.  We don’t soak your carpets and pads, we don’t push dirt and grime down to the carpet backing and pad, only for it to reappear a few days or weeks later. Our carpet cleaning process is green since we don’t have gallons of tainted waste water to dump.  Our carpet cleaning process will extend the life of your carpet.  Since we’re not soaking it to the backing, essential glues, taping and backing stays in tact longer.

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

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Wet Carpet Cleaning versus Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Portland Oregon

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